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Zen Windows FAQs

If you're researching window replacement options, you probably have some questions for us before you get started. Find the answers you're looking for here.

Then, contact Zen Windows at (717) 773-4562 for a window installation quote.

What Manufacturers Does Zen Windows Work With?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products from some of today's most celebrated window brands, including:

Resources For Our Customers

What Products Does Zen Windows Offer?

When it comes to installing the perfect windows, one size doesn't fit all. You might even need multiple styles throughout your home to meet the needs of different rooms and applications. At Zen Windows, we ensure our customers have a wide selection of window options to choose from, including:

Where Can I Find a Dealer?

Zen Windows has many locations across the United States. Find a dealer near you to speak with a local owner directly. You can also contact us online, and we'll put you in touch with the right person. Either way, it's fast and easy to get started with an accurate quote.

What Kind of Warranty Does Zen Windows Offer?

Just about every window installer offers some sort of warranty, but the coverage you receive may be more limited than you think. All the exceptions are listed in fine print, and the legal jargon may be confusing to understand.

Things are different with Zen Windows. We're fully transparent about our warranties and everything they cover. You get two warranties when you work with us — one from the manufacturer and one from Zen Windows.

You receive your fully transferable, easy-to-understand Lifetime Warranty in writing once the window installation is complete. Your coverage includes service, labor, parts, and even window breakage and screen replacements for the life of your windows — no questions asked! You're not likely to find this level of coverage anywhere else.

How Is Zen Windows Different from Other Window Companies?

We are completely different from any window company you have ever worked with! In short, we have eliminated everything homeowners hate about shopping for replacement windows, leading us to become one of the most liked window installers in the country.

Unlike many companies, we don't:

  • Use high-pressure sales tactics
  • Require customers to sit through long sales presentations
  • Provide sloppy installations
  • Ask for a down payment upfront
  • Spend more money on marketing than on quality

We do business differently. We offer:

  • No-obligation quotes. We won't change our rock-solid estimate on you, even after visiting your home to take precise measurements. What we quote is what you pay!
  • A no-money-down guarantee that ensures your complete satisfaction before you pay a dime.
  • The chance to work with a company that has decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Direct access to the owner instead of working with a salesperson.

Why Has Zen Windows Done Away With Showrooms?

Over the years, our clients have informed us that rather than drive to a brick-and-mortar building to see our window line, they preferred our online video library for ease of process and information. With the online shift, Zen Windows was able to eliminate rent, showroom staff, etc., which now saves our clients time and money.

Why Doesn't Zen Windows Have Salespeople Come to Your Home?

Based on feedback from our clients who have been elated with the online shopping experience, we were asked to eliminate salespeople from the process. This allows our clients to shop on their time with no pressure.

Why Doesn't Zen Windows Carry Window Samples?

Over time, our clients have informed us that they prefer video demonstrations and 3D views of our various window lines. This allows you to view them at your convenience instead of trying to remember the details and what they looked like.

And of course, if you do decide to work with Zen, our installation manager can always bring a sample for you to look at while they measure for your new, custom-made windows.

Why Do Competitors Act Like They've Never Heard of Our Window Lines?

This is because Zen Windows has partnered with a select group of window manufacturers that meet our stringent criteria. We have upgraded some of their most popular window lines with features most needed and requested for durability and efficiency.

They are private-labeled to Zen Windows and offered as one of our excellent, more excellent, or most excellent window lines.

What Is a True Lifetime Warranty?

Many "lifetime" warranties are pro-rated and limited to 10 or 20 years, and they come with many exclusions, including trip charges for future services. Our warranty provides total protection on every installation with a true double lifetime warranty that includes the window, glass, and labor.

Why Will Our Quote Not Change?

We look at photos of the home (either available online or provided by the client) and ask the right questions during our 5–10 minute phone call. Our price is rock-solid and will not change unless you request a change to the windows or scope of the project

Why Will Zen Windows Never Ask You for a Down Payment?

At Zen Windows, we are confident you will love our windows and installation. We assume all the risk and don't ask for a penny until the work is complete. This also shows that we are well-capitalized and have complete trust in our clients, and it lets you be in control.

Why Is It Beneficial To Deal With a Company That Is Both Local and National?

The benefit on a local level is the meticulous service and accessibility provided to you. The benefit on a national level is the security and stability to give you peace of mind.

Still have questions? Call Zen Windows at (717) 773-4562 for answers or to request a free quote.